Monday, August 18

Sick in Bed

Saturday night before dancing I had a stomach ache that still wasn't gone Monday morning. In fact, it seemed to have located itself in the lower right section of my abdomen, so I was concerned it might be appendicitis. Anyway, had a supervisor take me to the doctor who gave me an ultrasound and, after digging the little viewer into my stomach until I wanted to cry, declared the possibility of appendicitis was very small and promptly left the room, not to be heard from again. I waited there, uncertainly, until a nurse came in and gestured me quickly out. How was I supposed to know? My supervisor took me down to the pharmacy and vaguely explained in his broken English that I wasn't to take cold water, nor milk, nor fruit, and I was to take a little packet of pills after each meal.

Not until today have I felt so lost in Korea. Never did the differences, or the language barrier, seem any big obstacle. Until I wanted to know what the hec was going on with my own body, and could not communicate on such an intrinsic level, I hadn't feel like a "stranger in a strange land."

The silver lining, however, is that I am very well cared for by my supervisors, who sent me home to rest, and took me to buy porridge on the way. I am also well cared for by my new friends here who texted and called to check up on me.

I will be back to teaching tomorrow morning (as I am positively sick of lying in my bed after two days), and I hope to be feeling considerably better.


  1. I loved the pictures!!!! I perceive a sort of paz in them. I am so sorry you got sick but I am glad you have good people around you!!!! And you will have no problem learning the language!!! Good LUCK! Thanks for sending me this link.

  2. Hey Jordan, Welcome to the Jukjeon blog community! It was unintentional, but somehow five of us sprang up. I'm leaving the URL of ours.