Friday, November 28

Recounting November

So that's that. Fifty thousand words of that. Unfortunately, the story arc has yet to make its downward curve...

Things in the past:
-Sick every weekend of November. Even went to the ER where I received the first shot in the ass of my conscious memory. It was wonderful. And they had me in and out in forty minutes.
-I went to Tae Kwon Do once during a remission of illnesses. I enjoyed the strength and the power in the movements. I may or may not return. I'm busy contemplating what it is I want to do and not coming to any precise conclusion. Writing, reading, Korean, Spanish, salsa, martial arts. I don't know.
-Thanksgiving does not exist in Korea, for those of you who were wondering (or anywhere outside the United States). I ate pizza for lunch and chicken and rice for dinner.
-My kids drew adorable snowmen for the classroom. Pictures to come.

Things in the present:
-My apartment is filthy and my cupboards bare from neglect.
-It is very cold here and I need to buy a coat.

Things in the future:
-Daniel is coming to visit for Christmas. Don't tell him, but I'm planning to buy a second pair of teddy bear house slippers for him to wear around my apartment. I'm also planning to feed him incredibly spicy things with tentacles and balloon heads, and sweet fried bread shaped like fish, and chewy rice tubes and sausages stuffed with sweet potato noodles and blood. He is planning to eat dog.

Saturday, November 15


Sorry all, I'm busy writing a novel this month. I promise updated blogs in December.