Teaching Abroad

Interview with Jordan

How do you find jobs abroad?
Umm....I use Craigslist.  Many people go to international job fairs, overseas recruiting fairs, find placements through their TEFL certification schools, and volunteer organizations.  I now have this awesome license--it's like The Blue Fairy showed up at my teacher certification course and I stroked my lesson plans lovingly and exclaimed, "I'm a real teacher!" 

Can anybody teach abroad?
Yes.  Anybody with a bachelor's degree and a mind to pack all their belongings into two suitcases or less.  (Picky eaters may struggle a bit...)

Do you have to speak the language?
In general, no.  Do I recommend learning the language?  Absolutely.  The understanding of culture you pick up through language is astounding.  Not to mention it's far easier to tell a cabbie to stop swerving across the road because you don't actually find it funny.

Does it pay well?
Depends on where you go.  And with whom.  And your qualifications.

What's your favorite age of language learner to teach?
High school.  No, kindergarten.  No, third grade.  No, post-grad. 

How do you teach someone who speaks no English whatsoever?
Miming and laughter.  I (point to self) love (hands over heart and swoon) dancing (chair rendition of salsa--change mind and stand for better comprehension).

If I make a fool of myself, my students are more likely to take risks, and we're both more likely to have fun.

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