Wednesday, August 27

Canny Village -- field trip!

Buses and partners and uniforms, ah to be in kindergarten. Today, we visited a children's recycling museum...thing. Ahem - Canny Village!

Meet my morning class:

Meet Canny:

The girls entertained themselves with a hand-clapping game on the bus.


  1. I found your blog via a Google Alert for "Canny" (my surname). I've noticed that there are a number of Asian's on the web that seem to have the first name Canny. And it seems one of the kindergarteners pictured above is named Canny. Is this something you've seen during your time in Korea or am I completely missing something? :)

  2. Sorry for the confusion, the "Canny" pictured is actually the recycling mascot. I assume because he is made out of a can :0) I haven't met anyone named Canny here yet.

  3. LOL! Obviously I was confused. Thanks for the clarification. Your adventure in Korea sure sounds like a blast. Best of luck to you!