Saturday, August 16

Catching Up

What's happened so far?

The highlights:

-- 8/7 Jordan arrives in Seoul. Wonders what the hell she's gotten herself into.
-- 8/8 First day of work (observation). Jordan
meets her Korean supervisors, the other teachers (10 besides herself), and glimpses the kids in her class. Jordan eats goose egg in a cold soup that also includes floating watermelon. That evening, she goes to Jake and Kristin's apartment (they are also Denverites) to hang out with the teachers and get chicken and beer.
-- 8/9 The group goes to Seoul to watch Dark Knight on IMax. They are the only ones who laugh in the right places.
-- 8/11 Jordan's first day of teaching. See picture in upper right. The stickie notes are the Korean alphabet, numbers, and phrases; the polka dotted lilac bedspread courtesy of the supervisors; and the television is playing Korean cartoons as Jordan thinks she might pick up the language that way.

The kids are challenging. Jordan falls into bed at 7:30pm.
-- 8/13 By now, Jordan is implementing the recommended sticker policy as reward and
punishment, and the kids respond well.
-- 8/14 Jordan tries to explain "sour" to her kindergarten class, but can't think of a good example. She makes a fish face instead. "Sour is when you eat something and your face puckers up like this." Her clever student says, "Teacher, a lemon is sour." Jordan thinks she loves teaching kindergarten.
-- 8/15 Korea celebrates its independence from Japan! Jordan and Emily decide to take the Seoul City Bus Tour, but the bus is not running due to street closures. So Jordan and Emily take themselves around Seoul (who needs a dumb bus?). Particularly, to Gyeongbokgong Palace. See below.
Jordan tries bulgogi (thin strips of meat) and gimbap (like sushi, except the meat is cooked). Jordan also eats the aforementioned tiny dried fish, and has a few sips of the tepid soup that
tastes like water from a fishbowl. .

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