Sunday, August 24

It All Looks Familiar

June has graciously volunteered to help me learn Korean, so long as I promise to correct her English grammar.

She and I spent Saturday having Vietnamese food and looking
around Insadong where they sell many traditional Korean things. Performing on the street was a traditional drum group. They stood in a circle and one danced around the middle.

Then I was off to Itaewon for Salsa, Round II. Spent a while looking for the place because we had trouble finding it last week and cruised the main drag a couple of times, so everything looked familiar, but none of it was right. Anyway, the entrance is just a breakaway into the storefronts with a set of stairs and a stand-up sign with four lines of print. Nowhere on the sign does it say Caliente, or Salsa, until you reach the third floor. This is what the signs above the entrance on the street look like. Hopefully I'll find it on my first try next week.

Inside the bar, everyone was preoccupied with the baseball game. Korea against Japan I'm pretty sure. When Korea won, there was much clapping and hugging and, finally, dancing. Some of them remembered me from last week. And man can those Korean boys dance!

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