Wednesday, August 27

She Walks Like a Duck...

A group of high schoolers still in their uniforms passed me and Emily in a hall tonight. "Hi," said one boy with thick black eyebrows. He translated a bit of the menu we were looking at as he passed. Following his friends out the door, he turned around and, with a raise of his eyebrows, told us, "you are very beautiful, okay?"


It is interesting to me that when you see a white person here, you may assume that he or she speaks English, and I would say your assumption proves true about 99% of the time. Whereas, if I were in Denver, I would never assume that an Asian-looking man spoke Chinese or Korean or Japanese. Nor do I even find it safe to assume that a Latin-looking person in Denver speaks Spanish.


  1. I totally thought there was going to be some comment on how I waddle after I read the post title :) Haahahaa

  2. Good title, ever the writer, makes me laugh.

  3. I'm so terrible about Oriental lookin folk. I always assume they don't speak English in my head. But of course they always do so I always start talking to them normally. It just doesn't connect for some reason that they were more than likely raised in the US.