Tuesday, July 19

Fireflies and Bubblers

Things we don't have in Denver.

Through a music-less milonga in the park, I watched over my partner's shoulder the pinprick incendiaries flick from the bushes, and fizzle a moment later.  I finally understood the origination of fairies.

When not even the possibility of fairies could distract me from my thirst, I drank from a bubbler at the corner of the park.  A bubbler.  Not even in Italy, where public fountains drip from ever bridge and piazza, had I heard such a name.  But now, forever, I will call them "bubblers."

"Bubbler" is still used as a generic term in several regional dialects of the United States, originating in eastern Wisconsin and remaining well-known throughout the state.  (Wikipedia)


  1. I know! And they're so easy to catch! On my last trip to St. Louis, someone said something about them becoming endangered. I just think they're hiding better.

  2. hahaha. maybe their lighters are broken.

  3. Who, in Chicago, called the drinking fountain a BUBBLER???

  4. Someone from Wisconsin :)