Sunday, August 7

First Night Out

Imagine dancing on a moving bus.  A crowded bus.   In Bogotá traffic.  I'll say just one thing...
you have to hold on.

My first night of not just falling into bed exhausted, I joined a fellow teacher and some of his friends for a birthday party.  We boarded a party bus, called a chiva rumbera.  It looked something like this:

After an hour of salsa, reggaetón, and a couple rounds of a Spanish birthday song, sung forehead to forehead with the birthday boy; a trip to a mountain lookout to see the lights of Bogotá; and a few shouts of "qué divina!" at passing female pedestrians, we arrived at a restaurant/bar to conclude the night with some salsa dancing on tierra sólida.

Today, after a walk from Calle 138 to Calle 100  and some delicious Colombian soups, I am exhausted.  Thankfully, my mattress arrived...and the doorman took pity on our floor-sleeping situation and so let the delivery guys in against the rules.  Yes, we live in the burbs.  Hardly bummed because: sweet place, close(ish) to work.

Tomorrow is the last day before we meet our students.  I got first graders.  After I got over some disappointment at not being able to use my training with older students, I am excited to meet them and take off running.  Or walking.  Politely.  In red and navy blue track suits.

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