Saturday, October 4

The Yellow Sea

Jordan's Firsts:

-riding in a boat (the two minute ride from one island to the next)
Here is Steve on the ferry.

-collecting sea shells on the beach

-sleeping in a hut on the beach

This was our hut. This is Stacey. Say "hello," Stacey.

-Eating anything out of a shell.

This is Tyler before he's even seen the eyeball he will later eat out of our soup. This is Juri who taught me how to make a little cup out of my ramen lid.

These are the rocks on which I sat watching the tide go out in the early morning.

I simply cannot fathom where all that water goes. The newcomers to the beach around ten a.m. had to walk a good half mile from the shoreline that I walked when I awoke.

To all my friends who love the sea, I can see why, but each time the waves swept in at me, I was vaguely afraid of its powerful arms and the tenuous position I held on the land. While its lapping or rushing or crashing are soothing to the ears, and the sea breeze crisp enough to smooth the worry from my forehead and deepen the shallow breath within my lungs, the concept of such unfathomable depth and uncrossable breadth adds fearsome to beautiful. Perhaps it is simply that I do not like to be reminded that I am insignificant and fragile. I am often reminded of that as of late.

This was the extent of our sunset as cloud cover thwarted the brilliance we had hoped for.

This is the house that Jack built.

And this is my newly adopted philosophy.

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  1. Life Am Egg. Period. No questions, comments or concerns. To doubt this is communist.