Tuesday, September 9

Anticipating Autumn

We decorated the board with fall leaves. Such great artists in my class!

Meanwhile, outside, it's a balmy eighty degrees Fahrenheit and the empty lot by school looks like this:

I have, however, caught one red leaf lying poetically on the pavement, and another falling lonely from a tree in Gangnam.


  1. Cool pictures. Love the autumn tree and especially the faces of the talented artists. What a beautiful shot of the flowers in front of the school. Gives me a feel for your environment.

  2. Pretty flowers. Pretty kids. Made me laugh when you said the leaf was laying poetically. Not that it wasn't wonderful artistry with words, I just had the urge to go lay on the pavement and attempt to be poetic about it.

  3. Daniel, you should totally do that. I'll come take your picture and Jordan can post it.